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Work from anywhere, any time, and enjoy unparalleled security in a disaster-proof environment.


Cloud Office
for the Real World

Losing laptops in the field, changing employees, recovering from storms, malware, and other attacks all took significant resources–until now. Workers Remote Desktop into their workstations where all critical data is backed up and kept safely behind multiple layers of security, all served up from lightning fast servers so it looks and feels like you’re working right on your machine. Need to relocate temporarily to avoid the path of a hurricane? Pack up and go, your entire office will be there waiting for you.

Lightning Fast






Virtual Server from $74/Month

Hardware virtualization frees your server software from the machine that it runs on, while still performing and behaving like a fully dedicated server. This allows us to instantly increase your server resources without installing additional hardware.

Dedicated Server – $899/Month

If you don’t like sharing, you don’t have to! Our physical servers can be dedicated to one customer with enough hardware included to implement whatever you need. You don’t have to share servers or data when you use Secure Data Center. All of the CPU, RAM, Storage, and Internet Bandwidth you need are included in your flat rate.

Co-Location from $299/Month

Co-Location hosting is a great option for those who wish to remove their business-critical hardware from the danger zone of a branch office or corporate facility. Keep your server hardware safe from fires, floods, spilled coffee, and prying eyes by renting space at Secure Data Center. We’ll keep it safe, in a facility that never loses power or connectivity, so you can feel confident your equipment is always running and always secure.

Our Services

Smart solutions, low prices, accessible support–what else to you need?

Spam Filtering from $7/Month

We have some of the best spam and virus filtering around. Our global clustered solution filters all of your inbound and outbound email traffic and is guaranteed to reduce threats by over 99.97% while keeping false positives below 0.03%.

Online Backup from $45/Month

Secure Data Center has partnered with Nordic Backup, an international leader in enterprise backup and disaster recovery, for your secure off-site backup needs.

Email Server from $7

Enterprise features, universal compatibility, universal sync, incredible low price!

Dedicated Support

Secure Data Center can assist you with network and access troubleshooting 24/7. You will be assisted promptly and courteously by IT professionals in our  Lake Mary, Florida headquarters. Our goal is to provide the best possible service, day or night.

What We Do

Simplicity as a Service

We aren’t fans of add-ons, hidden fees, premium upgrades, surcharges, or anything that spoils your initial view of the sticker price, so we don’t bother with any of that. When you pay for our services, you pay the one price that you see on the web page.

Secure Data Center offers the solution we were looking for –  focusing on redundancy, up-time and security.  Fewer problems and faster operations means our attorneys have never been happier.

Paula Kegelman

Firm Administrator, Bounds Law Group

SMC Construction has used cloud server hosting with Secure Data Center for almost two years. Their service is reliable, and gives us the ability to work from anywhere, add or move employees from project to project, and keeps our company’s information backed up at all times. Great service, security, strong up-time, and mobility are some of the great benefits of going to the cloud.

Ben Burkett

VP Operations, SMC Construction

We were looking for a company to host our clients’ servers and found Secure Data Center.  It was very easy to configure the servers that I needed and very easy to scale them up after the fact.  Tech support has some of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with in 40 years.  If you want a company that does what they say – and does it when they say – We would highly recommend Secure Data Center.

Arthur Lane

President, Lane Computer Solutions, Inc.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Support

Secure Data Center can assist you with network and access troubleshooting 24/7. Our goal is to provide the best possible service, day or night.

You can contact our Support 24/7:
Phone: +1.888.668.0447

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your total satisfaction. We guarantee that our services are always fast, always available, always secure, and include everything you need*. If something is not right, you have to let us know immediately, and give us time to make it right, or you get all of your money back for the time we haven’t delivered the service to your satisfaction. That’s all there is to it.
–Morten Westerberg, CEO


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